Monday, March 19, 2012

Really small and easy to use EMF Generator

Today I started a really small and easy to use project to generate the EMF Code out of a GenModel.

There are several different implementations to generate Code out of a EMF GenModel out there. Some of them are easy to use and others not but in all cases you have to use a headless eclipse or workflow written in some other framework. Running EMF generator on a buildserver is also possible with EMF2Java task so why do we need another tools for that.

The answer is easy. This generator doesn't deal with a headless eclipse. There is no need to have an eclipse installed. This generator doesn't use ANT or what else. It is really lightweight and only two parameters are needed.

# java -jar generator.jar /PATH/TO/WORKSPACE URI_TO_GENMODEL

That's all. You could even use a platform:/resource URI because the platformURI mapping is done for you.

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